Common/Un Common – $0.03
Holo/Reverse Holo (including Promos) $0.06
Rare – $0.06
EX/GX/V – $1.60
Full Art and above – $4.50
Secret Rares – $6.00

Card Conditions:

We will accept cards that are:

  • Authentic
  • In mint/near mint condition
  • From both Japanese and English sets

We will not accept:

  • Energy cards
  • Code cards

If your cards do not meet our requirements, they can be posted back to you at your expense or disposed of at no cost.

How to send your bulk?

1. Send bulk to the below address with tracking:

PO Box 1130

2. Complete the below form and include your post tracking number

3. We will send a notification to you once your item(s) have been received and again when your bulk has been evaluated.